Automated Bombsquad League

A Tournament being managed by the server itself. No need to show screenshot, No need to update scores.

Features of ABL:

  1. Only participants can join the game. (No need to kick out useless people)
  2. Participants can't start the match until both the rival and participants are not ready.
  3. There will be 1 series of best-of-4.
  4. If you enter in a mid series game then don't worry as the scores are updated in background and you and your rival don't need to restart the server, just start playing!
  5. If you enter in a mid series, the first game will be a practice game and the scores will start updating from the next game.
  6. The current scores will be displayed after every game.
  7. Your rival would be selected at random, you can get to know your rival by going to the tournament server once and trying to join.
  8. After every game your kills, deaths, and points will be uploaded leaving no chance of fraud or cheating.
  9. Once someone reached 4 points, that player would be promoted to the next round and the losing player would be instantly eliminated from the game.
  10. Please note, it is the first time something like this is being done so there may be errors, please be patient and report the errors to the organisers.
  11. You can see your realtime scores, rivals, kills, deaths and much more online!
Get the statistics about the tournament here - https://www.technicraze.cf/p/abl-statistics.html


Registrations Closed

For any concern comment below.


  1. Registration has not even started and now they are disabled

    1. There was a technical issue for a while. Now it's open.

  2. Hey bro when will you do another mod pack?


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