How to Un-Ban / Add More Rules to BombSquad Servers!

In the last post I discussed how to ban only 1 Player but in this tutorial I will be discussing about adding more rules or Un-Banning a player.

I won't be telling the basics that have been discussed in the previous post, you can get that by Clicking Here

So, to add more rules and editing them, we will do it by saving our rules, editing them, and then restoring them back!

You need to make sure you have banned at least one player for your own convenience by following the previous post.
After that run the command:
sudo iptables-save > /root/rules.v4
This would save your iptable in a rules format in whatever location you specify.
Now open the rules.v4 in root directory or any other directory you have specified.

Now in this file you can see the command we executed in the previous post. Just copy and paste it again in the next line to add new rules. Or just delete it to Un-Ban!

Now we need to tell the Server to modify its rules and we do this by the command:
sudo iptables-restore < /root/rules.v4
That's It! Any Doubts and queries you can ask. Also tell if any command is not working!


  1. Hello bhai server kaise banate hai ? Please share karo apke bahoot ache server hai aur 24/7 online rehta hai please share this info !!



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