How To Ban Someone from a Server in BombSquad!

So Hello Guys!,
This time I would be sharing the trick to ban someone from your Server!
Currently this trick is only for the Dedicated Servers on Ubuntu! (If you have a server on DigiOcean you are probably using that)

So let's do it!

Firstly you would want the ID of the person you want to ban!
You can get the ID by using AYMP and then clicking on the person on the chat box!
Or if you are on a private server you can get it when the person joins and leaves!

Just Like Here! The person has been abusing the Alpha Group! So we would be banning him from our servers
Clearly the ID is Android14073997

Step 1- Open up Putty in your WinSCP or any other terminal you use!
Step 2- Run the command (It migt come in different lines but it all is one command which you need to copy) :

iptables --append INPUT --match string --algo kmp --string 'Android1234556' --jump DROP -p udp

Replacing Android123456 with the ID you want to block

Important Note - The ID can be in any format! Linux1234, PC1234, Android1234 or RockinPlayer123 (Google Play ID)

So, our command would be :

iptables --append INPUT --match string --algo kmp --string 'Android14073997' --jump DROP -p udp
And that would add him in the BanList!

Now the question arises how can we have more than one Banned Players or How to Un-Ban Players? I would cover them up in the next Post! Ask any doubts and query!


  1. Ab toh Gye Kaam Se Abuse Karne Wale player 😂😂😂

  2. hey plz tell me how to change texture in bombsquad android plz tell for android

  3. AYMP might be crap, but this stuff you posted here is really fascinating and shows your achievements from a better angle.

    1. I guess I need to use my G+ account to post comments.

    2. Thanks a Lot! Nothing Possible without your helps!

  4. 1) How To make a particular persons id like god. Means he can kick everyone without permission and himself can't get kicked. Any method?
    2) How to reduce number of kick votes required to kick a person?
    3) How to Jump Higher and jump repeatedly in akr , how to increase the height to which we can jump?
    4) How to make a file while making a Modpack?
    5? Pls help abhinay answer my all 4 queries if u know. It would be very helpful. Thx in advance.

    1. only 4th is possible, You need to download the payload generator by MrMaxeimer

    2. To be honest every single one of these points is possible if you know how to code.

    3. Actually my statement was quite incomplete, i meant only 4th is possible for me!

    4. Can u send the link of that payload generater by MrMaxeimer plz?

  5. Bro Tell Where To Write the commands


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