AYMP 1.3.1 Released

The Sour Update!

Well, this update has got nothing much new in terms of features...Rather this update ate up many of the previous features! There exist a special reason for that!
When I released 1.3, I heard it being called the HACKED MOD-PACK BY ABHINAY! Well let me make it clear, I don't want myself to be called a 'Hacker'! And that's why I came back to the good path of modding!
So, I have disabled all of the hacks and have made it a genuine mod-pack! I know that many of you used it just because of its hacks and I am really sorry to remove it! I seek your cooperation in this big change and I hope you all will give equal love to the future updates!
We all need to be a good gamer as hacking is a dark side and if you like hacking then you should stop it and play the game fairly.

Why I removed what

Full Campaign Unlocked- This thing didn't allowed the player to play campaign

2x Tickets for Achievement Completion - It was not a working thing!

BS Pro features, Maps, Minigames, Characters - They were unlocked only for AYMP and didn't worked for any other BombSquad, Also It was like doing a loss to Eric which I didn't wanted to do!

There still are many changes made to this update which you will love!

What's New!

  • Worked a lot upon old maps to make them playable!

  • Get more Glow Colours!

  • Get the AYMP Icon!


  • See the Real ID of any Player! 
  • Get to know the least killed player after the series!
  • Locked Campaign, Maps, Minigames, Some BS Pro Feature and Fake Characters Back!
  • Lots of Bugs fixing which you will come to know as you would play !

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  1. Yar pehle acha that bar bar mushroom kick players daba kar last stand open karne ki jarurat nahi padti this aur bs Pro Maine pehle hi kharida hua hai!

  2. Meko woh trophy or gold medal wala icon chahiye 😅

  3. Bro amazing game . I love modpack. I am happy that many of my friends are listed in credits section. Btw i am �� �� �� ��

    1. Thanks a Lot! BTW, your name isn't visible to me!

  4. Bro Abhinay.I never thought that u r a hacker....I always Like u as a modder and that's the best thing man!!U did a great job keep it up!!

  5. What the heck... The android link is not working

  6. How to create best of 9 teams game(it's only 7 now)

  7. Hi Abhinay We PAlyed Together On Ur Server Before 1 Month Ago But now im Not Able to Paly online With Glowing colors And Icons How (Im Sony ji)(Sony Xperia)

  8. I am willing to pay for Aymp1.3 I'm box me or whatsapp me 18763946093

    1. AYMP Is free of cost and can be Freely Downloaded from this website! If you want to donate then that's another matter!


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