AbhinaY ModPack 1.2 Released!

My first version lacked in many aspects but still, its download page got 115 visits (IDK how many downloaded it actually)

After that I did some changes and was ready with 1.1, but it had many bugs so I dumped it! {If you still want it (I don't know why anyone will do that!) you can mail me}

Now I had come up with 1.2 and this package will be establishing my modpack properly in terms of android...
This is not a major update, rather just a mediocre version! I would like if you all use it and enjoy! 
Don't expect much from my side as a modder, because this is just my passion and I do it whenever free!
This is a community modpack and I have started to receive contributions! 

Okay so now discuss the Key Features of AYMP 1.2

  • Firstly, the size of android apk has been greatly reduced from 100mb to 60mb!
  • 2 new maps added : Boxing Ring by FearLessCuber & The Space by Sonu (Total 5)
  • Meet Pikachu! by FearLessCuber
  • A new mod DUEL! (Total 2)
  • Change in Planet Hindi Map to make it playable!
  • New Main Menu!
  • A huge bug in default playlist fixed!
  • Check the credits tab also!
  • Neon colours are still there
  • No need to uninstall Original Bombsquad to install AYMP

Download Links -


  1. Hi Abhinay !
    I liked your mod pack bro..
    But I have a problem , when I play teams with my friends they don't like bunny and snowball powerups...I tried a lot to just remove them by mod manager but it's still not working...
    Can u help me out bro !!

  2. Now i am downloading your modpaxk as soon as my review will be published on my yt channel

  3. Hey Bro Abhinay Fix The Website When I Tried To Download 1.3 The 1.4 Was Started Through The Google Drive And When I Tried To Download 1.2 I Have Safety Warnings And When I Press Continue (Unsafe) The Page Stuck On Loading Please Fix These Sites
    With Best Wishes
    -Sony Xperia


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