AbhinaY Modpack 1.0 Released!

Here I have come up with a small ModPack for BombSquad! This is just a start! With nothing much! 

Version 1.0:
*Added 3 maps and 1 minigame! (No new model has been there! I have modified the previous maps only!)
*New Glowing Colors added for player Profiles!
*You don't necessarily need AYMP to join AYMP Servers! You can join it by regular BombSquad also!

Contributions are open!
I won't judge your mods or maps much and will definitly add it in the ModPack, giving you the required credits, provided that the mod is completely yours!

Also don't think this will be my personal ModPack and only I will take the credit!
Well I have put my name in the ModPack just temporarily and will change it when we have a better name!

Download Links -


  1. Nothing amazing. Nothing special.

    1. Can u make it... No right? So shut up

    2. Oh hey! Do you know who he is??
      If not then please stay away! You are blaming someone very talented!
      I am thankful for you being on my side but he is like my helper or my teacher! Without him I would not have been here!

      Sorry MikiRog...
      Sorry MNAPrince...

  2. Please let us know how you made the modpack for Android

  3. Can you please tell me how to make fast running mod

  4. Can you please tell me how to make fast running mod

  5. HI..
    I need to convert my modpack to apk... you can help me?

  6. Replies
    1. http://www.abhinayx.ml/2017/10/aymp-131-released.html

    2. Hey...
      I RELEAse 1.3 update of my modpack and the people want the apk.
      If you dont want to tell me how make it, I propose:
      You make the apk and I put your name in the modpack credits!! As you are a contributor!!!
      What do you think?

    3. I am surely Ready to help you! You mail me info on abhinaypandey02@gmail.com

  7. Hi abhinay.. We played 2-3 days before (if u remember I'm 'the dude').. I just wanted to ask from 'where' did u start modding.. I mean which file first and what.. I really want to do it but don't know how.. I've learnt python completely so that's not a problem.. Just want to know where to start

    1. Try to do simple changes by modifying the game scripts


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